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Botanical Porcelain Plate - Rosa Gallica Regalis

Botanical Porcelain Plate - Rosa Gallica Regalis

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Introducing our Botanical Porcelain Plate - Rosa Gallica Regalis, an exquisite tribute to the timeless artistry of Pierre-Joseph Redouté's "Les Roses." This 8-inch wide plate, adorned with delicate gold trim, showcases Redouté's meticulous botanical illustration of the Rosa Gallica Regalis—a mesmerizing bloom captured in vivid detail.

Designed for both aesthetic allure and versatile utility, it seamlessly transitions from a stunning table centerpiece to a captivating wall ornament.

Immerse yourself in the intricacies of nature's beauty as you dine amidst the Rosa Gallica Regalis or showcase it as an artistic masterpiece on your walls. Dishwasher-safe and designed with enduring elegance, this plate encapsulates Redouté's artistry without compromising practicality.

Width: 8.00 IN

Dishwasher Safe


Printed in Los Angeles, California. Made in China

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